Ikhlas Dari Hati...Permataku AmanahMu

Jumaat, 29 April 2016


Assalamualaikum (^-^)

Halluwwww.. lama nih menyepi tetiba muncul terus tajuk cam gitu..
tapi betul la tu.. muslimah hijab sekarang dah memacam fesyen.. cecantik plak tu..
tak macam dulu, nak pakai shawl pon tak reti.. paling mantop pon selempang jerk kat leher.. heheeee
memang jauh beza dulu ngan sekarang..
well, tajuk dah omputih so bacalah entry versi omputih jugak yerk..

Over the past few years we can see a growing community of Muslimah fashion bloggers (of course not me..hehee) and hijabista in Malaysia. This has totally changed the idea of how to infuse the modern lifestyle into the core of what it means to be a modern Muslimah. The media used to portray Muslimah as shrouded in pitch black robes and full covered from head to toe, feeding the stereotype idea that modern lifestyle, fashion and the religion itself could not mix. However this is when all those popular Muslimah fashion blogs prove them wrong with huge impact on the internet like no one has ever seen before. 

In fact, it is not that difficult to mix them all and dress fashionably like others – but of course you must adhere to the basic guidelines of how to dress modestly like a true Muslim woman. There are so many ways to adopt a little creativity without even to have crossed the line. You just need to know there are plenty of easy but amazing hijab fashion tips that do not have to cost much either! Apart from the hijab tips below you also can get inspiration from your favourite celebrities.

1.    First you need to know your own style of appearance. Once you understand your own style then you can start loving it and know which area needs improvement.
2.   Dress to express your taste. Charm the crowd with your best Muslimah maxi dress paired with the right hijab for an effortlessly trendy look. 

1.   Get yourself updated with the current Muslimah fashion trend to keep your wardrobe with freshest outfits.
2.   Stay away from too many colours. If your Muslimah dress has two colours, for example, match it with a hijab that has a matching colour to your outfit.


Takkan baca jer kot ?? Cer Komen Sikit :))